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About Dr. Liscum

As a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), I want my patients to learn about eating healthy, exercising properly, and the importance of his/her nervous system in obtaining maximal function, or health.  A person cannot be healthy if anyone of the following exists: (each of equal importance to optimal health): 1). Inadequate nutrients from diet, 2). Interference in nerve communication to organ systems and/or musculoskeletal system, and 3). Improper and/or insufficient exercise program (Not just walking/running/cardio only program).  Optimal health is the body functioning completely symptom free without the need for medications.  I do not advocate stopping prescription medications without consulting the physician who prescribed the medication.


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Physical therapy technician 

Haley Marshall

Haley was born and raised in Westlake Louisiana and attends Sowela Technical Community College for Criminal Justice. Upon graduation she hopes to work for child protective services. Currently, she is the physical therapy technician at Human Performance. What she likes most about her job is helping improve patients well-being and also getting to know and talk to them!