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Testimonials & Reviews

"Dr Liscum and his staff have helped me in several areas. I was having several health issues when I first started going to Human Performance. I suffered with lower back pain, inflamation, fatigue and absolutely no energy to name a few. Dr. Liscum was patient and took his time to evaluate my symptoms and explain in great detail what changes I should make in my diet. He also recommended some whole food nutrition that would benefit me. He was informative and educated me in the areas I was not familiar with. I have not only regained my energy and learned what strengthening exercises to do for my back pain. I have lost 20 pounds and over 30 inches.. I feel better than ever. I have learned that this is not a fad or crash diet.... It is a lifestyle change. I am so happy to have Dr. Liscum and his team supporting me and educating me on my journey to a healthier life. "

 - Mrs. K. Mathis, Sulphur, LA

"I have struggled with upper back, neck and shoulder pain for quite sometime. About a year ago, I was involved in an auto accident where as I reinjured my neck so I obtained chiropractic care from another facility. The treatment was for several months and when it was over with I did not feel much better. I learned about Human Performance and Wellness Center from a Bargain-Bee advertisement and decided to give them a try. It was the best overall chiropractic experience I encountered. Besides the excellent adjustments to my spine and deep tissue soothing massages, Dr. Liscum and his staff taught me how to eat healthier for muscle skelatal disease. He also provided me with strenghtening exercises which helped strengthened those weak muscles I had. Prior to going to Dr. Liscum, I never knew the reason why my adjustments would not hold. I have completed my treatments there and still continues to do the exercises I learned at his facility and also strive to eat healthier because I feel so much better when I do and know that is it important for my overall well being."

- Mrs. Robertson,  Lake Charles, LA

"HUMAN PERFORMANCE KEEPS ME WALKING Human Performance eliminated a serious and progressive limp which threatened to incapacitate me. Luckily, after a year, I finally sought help from Human Performance rather than surrendering to surgery or a wheel chair. Prior to visiting Human Performance, I consulted my local health care professional who told me that I had irritated nerves in my back which were causing the painful limp. Since my local health care professional had limited suggestions for help, I tried Dr Liscum who offered a wide range of treatments much less drastic than surgery or giving up my personal mobility. The Human Performance team not only helped me eliminate the pain and limping, but they also provided dietary guidance and advice on inexpensive tools and exercises to keep my body flexible and to avoid and correct future mobility problems. Thanks to the Human Performance team I am well on my way to recovery and to losing the weight I gained while limping around for the previous year. "

-Mr. B. Hudson, Vinton, LA